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Site-Specific Installation in public space

Location: Schrebergarten in Weimar, Germany
(Kleingartenanlage Silberblick e. V., Steinhügelweg 1)
Format: Installation (3,64 x 3,20 x 0,73 M), Video Documentation (1min 22sec)

The project is a consequence of my research on the founding of the "Schrebergarten" and the man, Mr Schreber (not the founder), who devised apparatuses reminiscent of contemporary gym equipment and experimented on his children to support his theory on children's excessive energy and its need to be released. He gave up on this method after realizing that it achieved limited results and instead realized that children should play healthily in gardens that are away from the city and in proximity to nature.

My work became something sculptural, a playground assembled from several modified modern pieces of gym equipment, and sitting on top, a small house made from a crib. The installation can be interpreted based on its static aesthetic qualities as well as through the experience generated by personal interaction with it. The playground was entirely white and blended into the snow-covered garden so well that it became almost invisible. It seemed surreal and caused people to gaze at it with bewilderment.

The final artwork is a synthesis of intellectual research and personal emotion. It boils down to the form of a sculpture. The mere functionalities of the original equipment have been translated into absurdity. The sculptural installation was constructed in winter. The installation transformed the gardenscape into a place where all the surrounding trees and elements seemed to begin to correspond and play a role. Despite an extremely harsh and controversial assumption that I came up with based on my research, the installation in the context of the "Schrebergarten" and the weather conditions seemed to have contributed to a different abstract form of expression, which stands on its own. While standing in a semi-public space, it was open for interpretation.

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